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Jennifer Lopez’s Recipe to a Perfect Hairstyle: Ombre Weaves and Waves

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
jennifer lopez at the 2015 billboard music awards held at the mgm garden arena in las vegas, usa on may 17, 2015.

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Jennifer Lopez went through some hair experiments at the beginning of 2000, but since then, she seems to have stuck with hairstyles that best compliments her beauty. Becoming a Hollywood star and a very desirable woman urged Jennifer to find a look that really brings out her best features. That’s how her soft, wavy, ombre locks have become her signature hairstyle. Don’t be fooled though, she pulls it off with the help of natural hair extensions!

Jennifer Lopez’s Hair a Decade Ago
Jennifer Lopez always had great hair and wore it long. A decade ago, she was sporting darker hair colors. She was seen with an ultra-long plait-come-ponytail, a towering quiff and a full fringe. Her shiny, brunette curls turned into honey-hued side-swept curls and sometimes even retro curls. On the red carpet, Jenny often opted for well-executed beehives, ultra-high-rise hairstyles, flyaway up-dos and half-up hairstyles. Even so, she did try some styles that weren’t our favorites for her- like the half-up curly pigtail and voluminous shoulder-length curls.

Jennifer Lopez’s Signature Hairstyle
Roughly seven years ago, Jennifer Lopez found her signature hairstyle. Her hair was long and styled with soft, wavy, ombre locks. She gave up the darker tones and replaced them with sun kissed colors that match her skin complexion as well. With a solid gold look, all that she needed were a few hair extensions to add volume and length to her natural hair. The fact that this beloved singer wears hair extensions is not a novelty. She did have a few embarrassing situations when the extra hair was revealed- like when she lost a few while dancing onstage in Connecticut.

Showing off her super long golden locks or putting her hair up in a slick up-do seem to be her two favorite hairdos. The Met Gala, the Oscars and the Grammys are just a few events for which she arranged her hair in top knots, high-rise buns or sleek up-dos.

Get Jennifer Lopez’s Look
Gracing the cover of Glamour Magazine in March 2014 was a breeze for Jennifer. She went for long locks and impressive volume. The times when she is not wearing any extra hair is when she reveals a shorter lob hairstyle, with a soft sweeping fringe. The good news is that you can also obtain her fabulous looks by adding natural hair extensions in all the right places.  If that’s your natural hair length, you can easily get her look by adding weave extensions or consider full lace wigs that look incredibly natural and are very comfortable as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment as this Hollywood hottie did and reveal your signature hairstyle!

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Must Have Hair Trends in 2016

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Hair trends change from season to season, not to mention from year to year. For hair trends in 2016, you should expect some interesting changes in terms of hair styling, as well as some reminiscences from 2015. Dip-dye and highlights are still on, but not on any type of haircut. Top hairstylists foresee more and more haircuts that are suited for each type of hair texture.

2015 trends surviving in 2016
If you embraced a big hair change in 2015, you may well still be very fashionable in 2016, so you don’t need to worry. When it comes to colors, top hairstylists agree that dip-dye and baby highlights will still be popular hair trends in 2016.  Some don’t believe rainbow hair or sunset hair will be as appreciated as they were during the previous year. However, you can’t fail as long as the color of your hair compliments your skin color.
When it comes to haircuts and styles, bobs and natural kinky curly styles are still in, and so is the long, layered hair. Luckily, bob haircuts have survived during the past years and they will be more than appreciated during 2016 too. What changes is the way we style bobs. Hairstylists will try to work with every woman’s natural hair texture rather than changing it by using too many products and by applying too much heat.

Bringing the ‘20s in 2016
In case you weren’t already used to comebacks, here’s one! The Gatsby-inspired bob is back and it is ready to compliment women who want to highlight their cheekbones. Short bangs are included in this hairstyle and that’s a good thing. You’ll see many haircuts with statement bangs among the many hair trends in 2016, so you can adopt a bold attitude with yours.  Short bobs might sound like a huge commitment for those of you who have long hair, so think about your alternatives, such as wigs. You can keep your long hair for yourself while sporting a wig that breathes style and fashion. Here at De Novo Hair you can order a customized wig that will improve your image in 2016 without having to change the one from 2015.

Accessorizing hair more than in 2015
Accessorizing hair is not a new notion, but thanks to various accessory producers and the fabulous hair tattoos, it will be soon embraced by more and more women. 2016 will be the year during which women will go out and about with golden and sparkly things on their heads. Bold hair colors aren’t enough anymore, so the need of hair accessories is predicted to be one of the hair trends in 2016.

In conclusion, 2016 will bring haircuts suited for every hair texture, plenty of accessories to make you look even prettier and colors that will nicely blend in. Remember that if you aren’t ready for a big change, you can always experiment with a wig made of natural hair. This kind of wig looks and feels natural, so it is simply perfect for anyone!

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Wigs – A Style Choice, Not A Necessity

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is a mother, an actress and a singer. She is known for many things, including for her choice of wearing wigs. There was a big fuss around her big reveal, when she showed her real hair to the world for the first time. In order to prove that she actually had natural hair and she was only wearing wigs because she loves voluminous tresses, she revealed herself without a wig on. That moment was quite emotional for her although her natural hair looked great and had the same color and bangs as her wigs did. In fact, Kim doesn’t really need wigs, but she chooses to wear them to enhance the glamorous looks she has become accustomed to.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann with dance partner Tony Dovolani & Wendy Williams. Courtesy of ABC, Getty

Kim Zolciak-Biermann with dance partner Tony Dovolani & Wendy Williams. Courtesy of ABC, Getty, People

Kim is best known for her appearance as a cast member on the reality show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which catapulted her into unprecedented fame. Since then Kim has gone on to star in her own reality show showcasing her family and career life and has even been on Dancing With the Stars. Kim Zolciak-Biermann is an admirable woman who built her own way in television and who was never ashamed to admit that she wears wigs or that she has plastic surgeries. She is a very confident and open person. Kim thinks she looks more feminine and sexier with her full wigs on. Having a collection of more than 8 natural and amazing looking blonde wigs makes Kim’s life much easier.

Kim is well known for her wigs but she was not always honest about why she wears them. At one point, she declared that a sort of illness was affecting her real hair, so she was hiding it under full, glamorous blonde wigs. Over time, Kim stopped using medical reasons and simply said that wigs are part of her and that she prefers to have her wigs styled by her hairstylist while she spends time with her kids.

Perhaps, this is why she became a target of Wendy Williams accusing her of faking her mini stroke while training for Dancing With the Stars? Wendy Williams is well known for her wigs as well and these two big wig wearers came to odds over the whole ordeal. Was it fair for Wendy to attack Kim regarding her serious health issues? Kim certainly didn’t think so and had a few choice words for Wendy in response! Kim has since been forced to withdraw from the Dancing With the Stars competition and will return for the finale. Take good care, Kim, and keep on having fun with those wigs!

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When Wig Was Queen

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Is there any connection between the famous pop singer, Lady Gaga, and the great Queen Elizabeth I of England? Not an obvious one for sure, but there surely is one. Just like the pop singer doesn’t miss any chance to impress her fans and the music world by wearing fancy wigs matched with eccentric outfits, so did aristocratic women of times past. Their clothes were not as hair raising as Lady Gaga’s, but their wigs definitely were. Women from baroque and rococo periods took wigs to a whole new level by adding all kinds of accessories on them.

The reasons why women used to wear wigs centuries ago are not so different than the ones applicable these days. Yes, they wanted to look good, but they also needed wigs because of lice problems. Heat favors the multiplication of lice, so they used to shave their heads and cover them with beautiful, pompous wigs. For most these days, this particular concern no longer exists, but there are other reasons that generate baldness.

It goes without saying that only aristocratic women were able to afford a wig. The natural hair used to make wigs was often taken from slaves. In order to look more attractive, some women were only using what we know these days as wefts and closures. In Rome, both men and women started wearing wigs since the early days of the empire. The wig was considered a sign of distinction.

It is said that Empress Messalina would wear a blonde wig in order to disguise herself when she went to the brothel. Blonde wigs were, in fact, most sought by the Roman aristocratic women. Therefore, hair from European women was idealized. In addition, Faustina, wife of Marcus Aurelius, had an impressive collection of wigs- one for each attire. While these remarkable women only needed wigs to enhance their looks, Queen Elizabeth I was so well known for her red wigs that it was rumored that she had hair loss issues and needed to wear them. However, these bald tales seem to be unsubstantiated.

The eighteenth-century brought rococo wigs that were decorated in very unusual ways. Some of the ladies had high wigs with metal frames inside them that were able to sustain bird cages. They used to put one of these wigs on when they went out for a walk in the park or to visit someone. Jewelry, feathers and all kinds of other precious and flashy objects were glued onto wigs. However, things changed after the French Revolution, when wigs were associated with excess and decadence.

Wearing a wig is not associated with social prestige anymore. However, we basically have the same reasons for wearing a wig as did women who lived centuries ago. Either for medical reasons or just beautification purposes, wigs now are accessible and quite varied. Wearing them is now optional and they are a whole lot more comfortable. There is no longer a social pressure on women who wear wigs and those who choose not to. It is a personal option for both women suffering from various hair loss/medical conditions and women who just want to change their looks overnight.

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Long Hair Preferred for 2015 Trends in Hairstyle

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Things are pretty clear when it comes to this year’s trends in hairstyles. Long hair is preferred by all major fashion houses. Boho curls, pony tails and ballerina buns are very popular this season. As for colors, the stars of 2015 are light blonde, shades of honey and champagne. This might not be such good news for those of you who do not have long hair or blonde hair, but fortunately you can always opt for a lace wig if you wanted to jump into the trends. De Novo Hair is resourceful in this regard, offering long and really long lace wigs available in precision cuts, straight & uncut and in curly & wavy styles.  All of our styles are also available in bulk packs and wefts which are used for weaves. Since our lace wigs are made of human hair and look incredibly natural, there’s no reason for you not to have long hair this year if you desire!

Styling options for long hair in 2015

This year’s fashion shows were amazing not just because of the beautiful models or the clothes they were wearing, but also thanks to the hairstyling aspect. The ponytail is reminiscent from last season and it looks definitely messier than last year. Oscar de la Renta had a few models that walked the spring shows sporting ponytails caught at the base of their necks. However, the ponytails were diversified, adding individuality to every model. In addition, Aquilano Rimondi opted for Boho curls, which are characterized by subtleness, being barely perceptive. This hairstyle is related to Bohemian concepts that promote freedom. Interestingly, Ralph Lauren chose models with long and straight hair, as well as Tommy Hilfiger. This look is not at all easy to obtain with shorter locks, but wigs and weaves can transform your look quickly! As for the ballerina buns, they are elegant and look sophisticated. Aigner promoted these types of buns earlier this spring. The secret is not to add the well-known wet look to these buns, but to capture a soft and feminine look.

Coloring options for long hair in 2015

When it comes to trendy hair colors in 2015, the key element is light. The chosen colors are pure and of a graphic simplicity that seems to absorb light. The recommended shades are arranged in layers, so they are gradually revealed. If platinum blonde was last winter’s color, hairstylists now rely on softer shades, such as golden blonde or caramel blonde. This might be another problem in case you want to obtain a very fashionable look in terms of hairstyle and color. Not many of us have natural blonde hair, so going from black, dark brown, or red to blonde may be a challenge. On the bright side, you have the alternative of purchasing a lace wig or weave extensions that meets all the above criteria. When blonde is no longer a star color, you can even dye the wig’s hair in any shade you please! Wearing a wig is no longer unconventional especially since so many celebrities wear one daily.

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Obtain Any of Scarlett Johansson’s Looks With Wigs!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Scarlett Johansson always amazes not only because she changes her hair color drastically every now and then, but also because she goes from having long, curvy hair to short, pixie hairdos. She had red hair mainly because of her roles in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. In 2009, she confessed that she had changed her hair color because of the character she wanted to play, the Black Widow, had dark red hair. She is the type of person who changes her looks to play a role, but who also has a well-defined personal style. Since 2010, Scarlett began to shorten her hair little by little and changed her hair color 3 times. These days, she is sporting a really short blonde hairdo. Her sides are shaved and the top is bleached. It looks like a waterfall seen from behind.

With her current do, it would be quite difficult for her to go back to the curvy, shoulder-length hairstyle that she had for a while thanks to her role in The Avengers. However, there is always the option of wearing a wig! Although she changed her own hair for her movie parts, the results that can be achieved from wearing a wig could be as amazing as her actual hair. The 100% natural wigs from De Novo Hair can be dyed and styled with a curling iron without causing them damage. Scarlett did put some effort into maintaining her locks and keeping them looking healthy. In contrast, wearing a wig is time-saving and often easier to style than natural hair.

Any woman can change her looks as often as Scarlett did without putting too much stress on their natural hair. The solution is simple, comfortable and affordable. This renowned actress with edgy face features and outstanding talent chose to change her hairstyle from long and wavy, to shaved on the sides. If you like her style and you want to try it on for a while, you can choose hand tied human hair wigs. In fact, you could order a customized wig that fits perfectly on your head and is arranged just like you desire. With virgin hair wigs, you can change its color as often as you want to because it is replaceable, not like your own hair, which would take some time to grow back out.
Since Scarlett chose to chop off her blonde locks and wear her hair short, she also changed her style into a more casual one that can be spiced up for special events. When she attended the Oscars earlier this year, she had on a lovely green dress and her flawless hair matched her formal style. Yet, she is also spotted in skinny jeans or sweatpants together with her child with the same haircut. If you are a fan of Scarlett Johansson, you can achieve any of the looks she had during time by choosing to wear wigs. Her style went through some changes, but luckily you can pick one that represents you and not damage even one string of your natural hair. These alternatives are always the best options in case of style change!

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Wigs and Weaves and More Weaves! RHOA

Monday, January 12th, 2015

If you follow the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) you know that the show does not disappoint when it comes to drama and style among Atlanta celebs. There is no shortage of inspiration for hair styles either. Some cast members like Cynthia, seems to wear different wigs and weaves in each episode. Last night, we even got to see Claudia with and without her weave. Of course, there has been much chatter about Nene’s varying blonde wigs and weaves as well. Each lady has their own style and they sure do love to use wigs and weaves to switch up their look.

What we love about wigs, in particular, is your ability to change looks very frequently and easily without any stress to your scalp or hair. Our lace wigs look just as natural as a well installed weave without all the stress on your scalp from the sewing or the expense of the installation. Who do you think can benefit from a quality lace wig on the RHOA? Out of all the wigs and weaves, who wears it best?

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Ombre Highlights on Lace Wigs

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Ombre Highlights, Copyright Oleander Studio



Hair color and the distribution of color can really make a difference in one’s style. Have you ever tried ombre highlights on your lace wig? This is where highlights are toward the ends of the hair, rather than coming straight from the root. Did you know that you can customize your lace wigs at with ombre highlights? If you’re looking for something new, ombre highlights may be the style for you! You can certainly dye the hair yourself, but we don’t recommend it unless you have some experience with dyes! We do not recommend any further processing of processed hair (relaxed textures, curly textures, hair that has already been dyed, for example), but if you order a natural Virgin texture that has never been processed for a dye or texture, you can certainly try adding ombre highlights to your lace wig by dipping the ends of the hair in dye solution. Again, only recommended for people experienced with using dye chemicals! Otherwise, you can custom order ombre highlights on your lace wig here.

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U Shaped Lace Wigs/U Part Lace Wigs at

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Did you know that you can order U shaped lace wigs or U part lace wigs at By custom order, the lace wig cap can be ventilated without hair on the top of the cap. This way the client can leave their own hair out on top just like a traditional weave. The client’s own hair is brushed over the hair of the wig and voila! You are now showing off your own natural scalp with u shaped lace wigs/u part lace wigs!

u shaped lace wigs/u part lace wigs

U shaped lace wigs/ U part lace wigs at

How to Order U Shaped Lace Wigs/U Part Lace Wigs

Simply specify just how large of an area you would like the U shape/U-part (for example, 4 inches by 4 inches wide- many opt for much smaller). Some people leave a lot of their own hair out and some just like a smaller area left out. The pictures shown have a wide area that is not ventilated with hair in the U shape. This ventilation can be combined with other cap options. For example, you can order u shaped lace wigs with a glueless cap or a full lace u-part cap. Simply specify your details in the “comments” section on your custom order form.

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Rocking It With Bangs

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Jennifer Hudson seems to be back to the swing of things! Not that she was taking a big break or anything, but it seems like things are getting really busy for her. She’s a style icon and from the looks of it, a hair enthusiast, because her hair is always on point! She always has the most stylish dos and is always looking great. Jennifer is making the media rounds with her new sponsorship of Weight Watchers! She’s lost some weight and is looking great as usual. She’s rocking long stresses with a precision cut bang. Very cute! In some interviews, you’ll see the hair sleek and straight and in some others, the hair is curled into a soft body wave. This is a great style that fits almost any woman.

If this is a look you’ll like to try with your lace wig, you can always have your wig made with the hair ventilated toward the face (ventilation refers to the hand knotting of hair onto the base of the cap). This way, you don’t have to style and bump the hair in your face everyday. The hair will naturally fall toward your face at all times. In terms of ordering, there’s just a few things we need to know to get your bangs exactly the way you want them. You can learn here on how to measure your lace wig for bangs.

The below picture shows a lace front wig which was ventilated with bangs framing the face. A great advantage of having your bangs ventilated toward your face, is that the bangs will lay very flat. These are longer bangs, per the client’s request, but you can have yours cut to your desired length.